Friday, December 5, 2008

Understanding your RHYTHM for inner peace

Those who think deeply (including me of course) have referred to inner
peace in several different ways.

“… muffled drums beating…….”

“…………your personnel inner rhythm…”

“…..your own private space…………..”

“………seeking your soul……….”

It is this personnel space, which offers us and our lives stability, composure and the desire to carry on. To exceed this is to stir inner frenzy. To fall behind this pace within you is to cause erosion of personnel happiness.

You can neither speed it put or slow the pace of our inner drums beating. It is your own muffled drum, your own rhythm, your own private space.

Do you think conducting your life to this built in pace is a limitation?

Not unless stability is a limitation. Not unless poise and calm are limitations. And they are not.

In a world which rocks us about – sometimes gently, sometimes harshly- we would be at the mercy of relentless, unpredictable and disastrously varying forces, if we do not accept them calmly, knowing that we could proceed “in fortune and misfortune, pride and shame, winning and loosing, at our own inherent pace, like the ticking of a clock, which is always tick tock, even if hell is loose around it!

Thus our lives maintain stability. It is this marching through life, like the ticking of the clock, unhurried and undisturbed, to the muffled beat of our inner self, in keeping with our inner rhythm, which enables us to keep on track, however the chances may press against us.

To achieve this inner stability, to march against the horrids of life, with steadiness it is require that we accept the existence of an inner rhythm which sets our own pace. By living at the rate of our own rhythm, we find inner peace. It is a condition diligently sought.

The million dollar question comes next, How to seek it? How to find it? This s much like asking how to find God! In fact, the two are interrelated – because for both the questions the answer lies with you, my friend.

From the largest things to the smallest things in the UNIVERSE there s a repeated motion – a rhythm, a pace. To recognize and accept this concept is to accept the fact that YOU ARE A PART AND PARCEL OF UNIVERSE – and you, yourself has this inherent pace. Awareness of its existence is a prerequisite of finding it. It is not so obvious as the pace of your breathing or heartbeat, although these physical symptoms, together with your degree of tension, stress and strain, all are indicators of whether or not you are living in rhythm with your inner pace.

Just as a motor, the moving parts if not being synchronized properly will lead to its doom, due to continuing shocks of excessive vibration –likewise, you will also be acing a certain doom if you do not live your life at the inner pace which produces inner calm.

And that is the test. If you do not normally maintain an inner calm, it is a warning that you are not – physically, mentally or spiritually – living in rhythm with your inner pace!

Only YOU can make the necessary adjustments In your life! But when you have made them you will them know what I am talking about, you will know that the “……… peace that passeth understanding……..”

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